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Location:  Pequannock, NJ

Area:  130,000 sf

Community hospitals face special challenges in an era of expanding regional health systems and rising costs of treatment. Community healthcare institutions maintain a precarious position between familiarity and currency: survivability is rooted in maintaining an established local disposition while providing contemporary care on par with regional institutions. 

Chilton Hospital, a 260-bed hospital in suburban New Jersey, faced and bested their challenges by devising a forward-thinking, systematic program to embolden the institution’s future relevance into the next decade. A 130,000sf expansion, centered around a new state-of-the-art practice building, strengthens and stabilizes their affiliated, on-campus physician base in LEAN designed practice space; phases expansion to strategize outlays on practice and diagnostic facilities; provides ahead-of-the-curve beginning and end-of-life care in freestanding hospice and daycare facilities; embraces energy independence with passive and active systems; rebrands the hospital’s half century old physical plant, and enhances relationship to context with a pedestrian campus. 

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