Work | Planning/Urban Design | St. George Waterfront Master Plan

A unique visioning plan for Staten Island’s prime northeast waterfront focusing on community development in tandem with game-changing commercial goals.

Anchored by the then newly-reorganized Richmond University Medical Center, the plan for St. George envisions a Staten Island waterfront that combines prime ferry commuter access with landscaped waterfront esplanades, luxury high-rise housing, and new commercial centers, while simultaneously establishing unparalleled standards of ambulatory and senior care in Staten Island.

Alongside luxury residential towers, urban senior living is supported in a continuum model from independent living through to skilled nursing, all under the banner of Staten Island’s premier medical institution. Believing that access to healthcare is a basic pre-requisite for redevelopment success with a commuting population, the plan provides for a 250,000sf medical office building within the master plan and identifies a major hospital as its anchor tenant.

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