About Us

Owner Representative Services Save Clients Time and Stress
Many times, clients do not have the manpower or expertise to manage all facets of their project. The Kimmerle Group Project Management team provides a full menu of owner representative services, in tandem with our architecture and real estate development engagements. We save our clients the stress, strain, and staff associated with managing and monitoring the planning, design, and construction process.

These separate fee-based services are conducted on our clients’ behalf as a proactive approach to project management. By getting involved early on in the construction process, Kimmerle Group Project Management frees up the property owner to focus on other projects or daily operations while we handle the rest.

Benefits of our Project Management Services
At the outset, Kimmerle Group Project Management will review and analyze the plans and budget, and determine the optimal time lines in advance. Because of our in-depth knowledge and on-the-ground experience, our professionals will also balance the owner’s expectations with the realities of the project. Throughout the site development and building process, our project managers will keep an eye on the budget, monitor trades to ensure quality work is being done, and develop solutions to any unexpected challenges that may arise.

As an owner representative, we are the expert project coordinator and supervisor, and act in the owner’s best interests to:

Prioritize the project -- ensure that progress continues and that all phases of the project are completed on a timely basis.

Act as the liaison between all the other parties – resolve conflicts that arise, coordinate services, and keep the project moving forward

Provide full oversight of architects, designers, engineers, contractors, specialists

From pre-development to moving day, let Kimmerle Group Project Management help you be more efficient at your work while we handle the day-to-day issues related to your project.


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