Real Estate Development and Design Under One Roof
There’s a lot on the line with your project and you simply can’t afford a misstep, such as insufficient funding or poor site selection. By bringing together investment experts, architects, and site planning and design professionals in one entity, Kimmerle Group Real Estate Development is able to streamline what can often be an arduous process. We help navigate all aspects of development, and follow the project from inception to completion.

Our company’s real estate development division adds significant value to the development process for two reasons: our team’s unusually deep understanding of the investment side of the building process—well beyond what is expected of typical architectural services—and our ability to conceptualize from a larger planning and urban design perspective.

The team (comprised of our partners, South Street Association and Harding Group) offers expertise in leasing and site development on behalf of our clients to ensure each transaction, no matter how complex, is well executed from start to finish.  We have worked with leaders in the New Jersey development community for decades, engaged in private, public and private/public joint venture undertakings that range in scale and complexity.

Specific service offerings include:

  • Infill development – We have a particular expertise in the development of infill projects in office, housing, and mixed uses. By re-using and redeveloping existing sites in urban and suburban areas, we create more vibrant, livable communities.
  • Office and residential development – with particular attention paid to improving the workplace environment for building occupants.
  • Institutional development (medical, academic) – new or expanding hospitals, medical offices, labs, urgent care and ambulatory care facilities; public and private schools, student and staff/faculty housing, academic/classroom buildings, other campus-related structures.
  • Fee development services – we can put together an entire team for you or provide experts on an as-needed basis to cover various aspects of your project, from budget creation and monitoring to site analysis to lease planning and tenanting.
  • Historic preservation and conversions – from downtown office buildings to private residences, our preservation experts bring buildings up to modern standards while retaining their historic features and elements of their distinctive architectural periods.