Bellerophon Therapeutics

Bellerophon came to KNA with a tight schedule, high expectations, and a need to develop a distinct and expressive identity as a newly, independent firm.

Within three months, and working inside the budget parameters, the KNA team, led by Partner Paul Newman, collaborated with executives to develop and deliver a bright, open floor plan as their first home. From the outset, KNA integrated dramatic transparent elements in central conference functions, to ensure daylight and bridge all parts of the company’s operations and enhance team communications.

The KNA interiors team, led and delivered an enlivened scheme focused around collaborative spaces for employees, with bold accents in primary tones running through spaces.

KGPM oversaw technical vendors, schedules, and minimizing the firm’s budgetary outlays. All new furniture and fixtures, led by Workspace, were incorporated in wood tones, along with a seating program that carried the three-tone accent program into all project areas.




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