Cape Haze Beach House

A new home in the coast zone of the Gulf of Mexico, intended as a retirement residence for a senior corporate executive. The project is being built in a contemporary style, exceeding all coastal design standards for a category 5 hurricane, using concrete and steel frame construction to surpass standards. The house consists of a master suite, three additional bedrooms, a gourmet kitchen with grill area, a pool with a linear structure, all in addition to an independent guest house adjacent to the pool area.

The project is done by utilizing local consultants and contractors interviewed and managed by Kimmerle Group.
Single family homes and renovations are a regular component of the Kimmerle Group’s practice portfolio. New homes in environmentally sensitive and coastal areas require special attention and approaches. The firm’s ability to provide leadership in complex assignments in remote locations proves our efficacy in unusual settings and locales.


Cape Haze, FL



Kimmerle Group