Crum & Forster Insurance – Arkansas

Kimmerle Workspace

Workspace has been serving the procurement and furniture needs of this insurance company for over 20 years, in every major, regional market in the United States and through multiple changes in leadership. Beginning with their NJ corporate headquarters and continuing from East Coast to West Coast, Workspace has provided Crum & Forster and its subsidiaries with furniture from numerous manufacturers to suit their needs and budgets at each location. Workspace has provided detailed solicitation services in addition to comprehensive relocation, inventory, space planning, and reconfiguration services on a national basis.

Kimmerle Project Management

For the Crum & Forster (‘C&F’) regional offices, now upwards of 20 plus locations nationwide, Kimmerle Project Management has provided full PM services to suit their needs at each location. In the Arkansas office, Crum & Forster was the first tenant to occupy this previous Owner Occupied building that was being converted to multi-tenancy. We worked in tandem with the Building Owner and ensured that the project schedules were in sync so that C&F could achieve their move-in date. Kimmerle Project Management provided full coordination and oversight services from project inception through close out. This included schedules, budgets, soliciting bids and coordinating vendors and contractors, facilitated IT and Audio Visual, Security Access, Signage and coordination with the Property Ownership.  We worked very closely with the Vendors and the Workspace team to ensure that all work was being proposed and completed under budget and within the schedule. It is another project in which Kimmerle Group Project Management worked hand in hand with Kimmerle Newman Architects and Workspace in order to implement the updated office standards, which were at the same time being developed for their headquarters.


Conway, AR