Investment Firm

With years of successful growth and an opportunity to absorb adjacent space, this global investment management company headquartered Bridgewater, NJ seized an opportunity to expand their offices and reinvent their architectural image for both staff and clients. Though in place for years, the firm took the opportunity to make an inherited space their own.

Kimmerle Group was given the opportunity to bring all resources to bear on the project, including Kimmerle Newman Architects for architectural design, Kimmerle Workspace for FFE requirements, and Kimmerle Project Management for client based project and vendor management, resulting in a complete, turnkey approach to the complex, four phase projects in their occupied space.

A broad and arresting scheme of curves was cast in contrasting materials, producing a space that is at once formal to suit a financial firm’s position, and to provide spaces for employee interaction that were important to this firm’s office culture.


Bridgewater, NJ



Kimmerle Group