Morristown & Morris Township Teen Center

The design of a 35,000 sf, multi-story teen center in conjunction with executive offices for the Morris School District on a surplus school site in Morristown, NJ.

Conceived to serve Teen Pride, a local non-profit addressing at-risk children in the Morristown area, the project was pursued as a joint venture of Morristown, Morris Township, Teen Pride, Inc., and the Morris School District.

The project consists of a gymnasium, stage, and locker areas, as well as game, study and activity rooms. A special use counseling center is incorporated into the plan along with administrative offices. The executive offices of the Morris School District are also incorporated and include 10,000 sf of office and administrative space.

A brick and glass facade features curved metal and membrane flat roof surfaces, with attention to drop off, parking and service areas.

Project Area: 35,000 sf
Project Budget: $8.75 mil.
Project Schedule: 6 months of design process including community meetings and town review. Construction pending

Kimmerle Group has been an important player in the Morristown community for decades. Our work with local non-profits has been recognized through numerous firm awards and personal recognitions. Mr. Kimmerle’s service as a long-standing board member for Teen Pride expanded to include the programming and design of this center, in addition to an ongoing role in promoting this concept in the community.


Morristown, NJ



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