Realogy Headquarters

As the world’s largest residential real estate company, Realogy had several key goals when considering their new headquarters. The new design needed to be instrumental to the company’s goal to transition into the future, incorporating five generations of staff with the latest technology, in forward-thinking work areas and active office environments. The site was to combine an overall corporate identity with the distinctiveness of the individual Realogy consumer brands, all extremely well-known names. And the complex needed to provide a critical message to a worldwide audience, its own staff, and its own national training participants. Each brand had to stand alone, yet be part of a greater whole.

This was the third time this challenge had been made to KNA as we have worked with this company over 12 years.

A unique, curved spiral geometric scheme runs throughout the office, with a main street connecting all areas with employee and guest hubs for food, meeting, huddle, event and marketing spaces. This key design element carries a spiraling, playful geometry throughout the headquarters’ numerous cafes, training facilities, fitness facilities, and collaborative spaces as well. Staff previously in offices are now either in interior glass fronted rooms, or in open work/bench environments with stand-up stations, full exposure to daylight throughout, and dozens of huddle/meet work areas.

Individual real estate brands are presented in their own unique, showcase spaces inserted as front-end environments for each franchise, presenting their own personalities. This allows all rear office spaces to be continuous and interconnected and flexible.

KNA undertook detailed programming with all seven of the company brands, and full corporate interior design for training centers, fitness center, cafeteria, and multimedia production studios. As part of a fifteen-year ongoing relationship, KNA was integral to the early real estate investigations that identified the company’s optimal site and negotiated the best transaction. KNA additionally helped assemble a key team of partners to represent Realogy’s interests, performed furniture solicitation services, performed all design and finish selections, full construction administration, and LEED certification.


Madison, NJ



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