Spectrum for Living: Closter, NJ

Like many of our other project profiles, Kimmerle Group’s work for Spectrum for Living bespeaks our larger and longer-term relationship to this non-profit community-based provider. Spectrum’s mission and vision is to provide a wide range of services to the physically, emotionally, and mentally disabled through a series of programs focused on total life care for these individuals. Beginning as a family-based program founded over 20 years ago, Spectrum has expanded to address the needs of over 250 individuals in 20 facilities throughout New Jersey. During our five-year relationship with Spectrum for Living, The Kimmerle Group has contributed at all levels to address all the following needs:

Group home and residential care Training and development programs in Westwood and Teaneck, NJ Intermediate medical care at Spectrum’s Closter Intermediate Care Facility, the backbone of the larger Spectrum Corporate mission and service support at Oradell and elsewhere.

Most importantly to us, Kimmerle Group has also contributed more than 15% of the gross fees earned by the firm back to the organization in the form of direct monetary support to Spectrum’s programs and fundraisers. We believe that organizations like Spectrum for Living, and our support of what they do, is a basic corporate and individual responsibility of practice in our community. Outreach to non-profit causes in our community has always been a priority of Kimmerle Group, whether on a funded or pro bono basis. The firm consistently engages in causes that address human needs. We are proud of our continued commitment to organizations like Spectrum for Living. We welcome other referrals and opportunities to make a difference in the communities in which we live and practice.


Closter, NJ


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