Veritext Legal Solutions

A unique company providing legal support services in a nationwide platform, Veritext contracted Kimmerle Newman Architect’s (KNA) at a critical time in their growth. KNA provided insight in two key areas, the company’s expansion and its own mission.

Acting as a home-office to Veritext’s national operations, the headquarters is a hub for executive leadership, corporate support services, as well as acting as the NJ regional office for client and attorney services. KNA’s design completely infuses the national brand into the corporate office by seamlessly integrating interior design, furniture purchasing, and branding finishes. The KNA team conceived a corporate office that embodies the Veritext national service platform and is a reminder of the company’s client base.

The KNA-developed, prototype legal services office is incorporated at the headquarters’ front end, allowing corporate employees to interact in the same environments that symbolize the Veritext mission across the United States. The national approach is also carried in finer finishes and furnishings. Also, as in distant offices, artwork captures the office’s local identity alongside national brand finishes, and Kimmerle Workspace brought Veritext’s national platform into the work environment by providing headquarters furniture in the same scheme as national sites.

The project was completed in an extremely tight schedule to ensure they could move out of their previous location by a specific date. At the last hour, when it appeared final inspections could not be met to make the end date possible, KNA took the initiative, literally driving to the building department, and actively worked with the local building department to work out a schedule that made it possible.





2014 – Current

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