About Us

KIMMERLE GROUP excels at complex and multi-faceted engagements because we are experts in our profession and in the real estate and construction industries as a whole.

We offer excellence in design, architecture, interiors, planning and urban design with solutions tailored to the strategic goals of our clients.

We focus on the larger picture, and are committed to being effective and relevant to our client’s engagements, be they transactions, development programs, or leasing programs. Our numerous long term relationships, many lasting over two decades, testify to our continuous relevance to our client’s needs.

KIMMERLE GROUP’s suite of services addresses a broad platform of client needs in a unique and personal approach, assuring direct principal contact in every assignment. Our twenty-five year history of sustained growth has never belied our interest in a hands-on, face to face relationship with our client family. We believe this intimacy is one of the principal reasons the firm continues to thrive.

Our affiliated companies extend our client relationships with purchasing, project management, finance, and real estate & development expertise, supporting a truly full-service and turnkey experience for our clients. The same quality, efficiency, and ethical standards found in our professional engagements carries into all areas of service delivery.

KIMMERLE GROUP’s leadership has a professional and academic interest in undertakings that engage at multiple levels, affecting corporations, communities, and institutions simultaneously. We are continually engaged in university and research undertakings that extend the depth of our practice and involve us in pressing issues: community health, sustainability, justice, and human empowerment. Examples include training and living environments for the disabled, and a decade-long commitment to the needs of juvenile victims. Our interest areas evolve solutions that have become new building types and national standards. KIMMERLE GROUP maintains an important contributing presence in our community’s health and sustainability.

We strive to advance the quality and effectiveness of our organization and the state of the art in design and affiliated services sectors.


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