Dermatological Group

KNA was given the charge to create a new design for this expanding medical practice. Complex requirements for many overlapping uses were programmed into this facility to get the most effective space usage. At the same time, the client expressed a desire for a high-end appearance that caters to the patients. Right from the entry, open glass doors and walls invite the patients into a comfortable space with rich wood, interesting lighting and multiple ceiling forms. The patient is then escorted into sophisticated and comfortable exam rooms, with state of the art technology, wood cabinetry, and minimal intrusive equipment. Nurse stations were carefully placed adjacent to lab areas for viewing, data entry, quick re-supply of exam rooms, and managing doctor’s needs. Unusual details included a skin care center, with a treatment room, light box rooms for treatment, and MOH’s labs.

A full billing and management office was also designed and constructed at the same site for the overall practice. This is the first completed facility in a series of offices being built by this group.

Project area: Sizes of offices range from 8000 sf to 11,000 sf.

Project schedule: 6 months


West Orange, NJ



Kimmerle Group