Kimmerle Newman Architects

Kimmerle Group’s Architectural and Interior Design Division:
KNA’s core business on a daily business is designing and constructing buildings and architectural interior spaces. We do these creatively, on time, and on budget. When you have an unusual assignment, a particularly challenging project, or a unique vision for something, then KNA is also the right firm to come to.

At KNA we thrive on these types of engagements. As architects, interior designers, and real estate development professionals, we are able to work well outside the parameters of typical architecture firms, bringing together real estate development, lease expertise, rapidity of planning, design, and the ability to put together a total team.

With decades of experience in the planning and execution of a broad range of private, corporate, medical, and institutional facilities, our work has won numerous awards and are lived in and worked in by thousands and thousands of people.

Our completed work is with the financial, insurance, pharmaceutical, law, industrial, technology, internet, advertising, educational, worlds and many others.

Repositioning and Rehabbing of older properties
KNA is skilled at creatively approaching older buildings and turning them around with a smart, budget sensitive approach that utilizes the best of what exists combined with forward thinking design elements to bring them into the par with modern buildings. Often this includes full lobby, café, and bathroom renovations, as well as creating new amenity centers such as conference/town hall centers, fitness centers, and a realm of other items such as coffee bars, bike rooms, outdoor terraces, and fitness/exercise walks. KNA works with the LL and brokerage team to grab the attention of prospective tenants and “wow” them.

Medical Work
KNA has an established medical design practice. Our different practice specialties include:

  • New medical buildings, hospital work, individual doctors’ practices.
  • Surgery centers
  • Radiology units
  • Cardiology units and offices
  • Large Multi-practice centers
  • Oncology/infusion centers

KNA has worked for numerous hospital health care systems in NY and NJ, as well as repeat business for a number of our doctor clients.

Strategic Partner in Real Estate Development
For decades, development companies, REIT’s, individual owners, and Property Management groups companies based in New York and New Jersey have relied on KNA as their building architect for on-call landlord/tenant services. We have an extensive network of corporate, brokerage, and development partners which make us a particularly effective strategic partner getting buildings leased up.

Work has included:

  • Retrofits of existing multi-tenant buildings
  • Design of new buildings and additions
  • prospective tenant test fits, blocking and divisibility plans
  • Creating strategies for leasing potentials in the market

Historic Preservation
At Kimmerle Newman Architects, historic preservation of residential and commercial structures is in our DNA. KNA has been designated as a preservation architect by the New Jersey Department of Building and Construction. Our special affinity for preservation, sustainability, and expertise is evident in the redevelopment and conversion of historic sites as well as rehab and renovation projects. We take our focus on functional sustainability to heart and are proud that we are now in a LEED-certified building.