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Designer spaces.
User experiences.

Corporate, Graphic, and Video Imagery for Brands, Corporations, and Communities
You’ve invested time and money in having your logo and corporate materials designed. Your advertising, marketing collateral, and website are cohesive, aligned with your brand, and convey the right message to your customers. But what about your workspace? Does that truly reflect your brand?

TKG’s Branding Studio is where full brand integration comes alive, where your office, store, or facility becomes an extension of your overall message. In short, we help corporations, small businesses, and institutions create an environment that is an organic extension of their branded image.

Through this branding and identity consultancy, our architects, interior designers, and graphic design specialists build on the image you’ve carefully crafted and create an atmosphere that employees will enjoy as much as the public will.

Our brand identity work includes:

  • Graphic and video branding imagery for businesses, institutions, and communities
  • Branded interiors – signage, color schemes, fixtures and furnishings that all convey the proper image and align with your corporate identity
  • Innovative use of materials and interior design elements that illustrate and tie into your firm’s branding to produce a work environment employee’s will enjoy and clients will “see” as they visit your space.
  • Exciting graphic and video tools that convey your organization’s missions and objectives to prospects and the public
  • 3D imagery and renderings – corporate structures, mixed-use communities, medical facilities, and private residences come to life
  • Video tours – virtual walkthroughs and 360° views of campuses, large-scale facilities.
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