East Centre Street Development Area, Nutley Township

Issues of importance to be addressed in this study include:

  1. Likely assemblages in the zone,ascertained by examining town records as well as conducting an on-site survey of existing properties
  2. A list of appropriate uses that may be included in a modified zone standard for the district
  3. Appropriate site area, setback and height and density standards for these zones based on current conditions and desired outcomes in the district
  4. Consideration of other overlay standards or incentives to enhance the area,including patterns for connectedness between sites, road and sidewalk standards, and other details in plantings, medians, green buffers, etc. especially in proximity to current green space, parks and other public uses

The East Centre Street area is an interesting area in the Township, having formerly been an exclusive industrial zone, with major transportation and public infrastructure.  It should not be overlooked that Centre Street, aside from Route 3, is in fact the only continuous EastWest route in the Township intersecting with two major NorthSouth routes, Washington Avenue, NJ 7 and River Road NJ 21.

As such and because of the districts location at the terminus of the traditional Washington Avenue commercial corridor, it could be a candidate for significant development. Consideration should be given to means of controlling growth and density in a suitable form to address the concerns of nearby neighborhoods and the Township overall.


Township of Nutley, NJ



Kimmerle Group