Harding Office

The transformation of 1109 Mt. Kemble Avenue as the new 8,500 sf headquarters location for Kimmerle Group and Kimmerle Newman Architects was designed to represent a state of the art approach to design, and to showcase our personal and professional perspective on building repositioning, interior planning and sustainability.

The building is sited adjacent to Wightman’s Farms, and offers beautiful views of open fields, providing a wonderful and tranquil setting that exemplifies rural Harding Township. The site’s natural features were integrated into the building: a 1,500-sf open deck provides views to open fields beyond, geothermal heating and cooling draws on the site itself for building operations and the sun’s energy provides the building’s hot water supply.

Sustainability has always been a focus of KG and KNA, and the rebuilt Mt. Kemble building includes many features in a balanced and practical program that approaches the firm’s environmental needs responsibly:

  • Reducing impervious surface by using grass block turf for one third of parking spaces
  • Rain water collection and irrigation systems to avoid tap water landscaping irrigation
  • Passive ventilation and cooling for entire building by carefully located windows and deep overhangs
  • Reuse existing building materials and recycled and regional materials were also incorporated into the building
  • Geothermal heating and cooling system with a rooftop economizer provide HVAC needs
  • A solar hot water system for all hot water use
  • Direct/indirect LED light fixtures throughout to save energy and reduce mercury content
  • Low flow plumbing fixtures save 47% water usage
  • Sustainable furniture system contains 79% recycled content, free of PVC, Hexavalent chrome and PBDE’s


Harding Township, NJ



Kimmerle Group