SCYNEXIS, an innovative biotech company developing promising novel anti-infective drugs, occupied office space in a Jersey City hi-rise. Scynexis’ aim was to plan ahead for an inevitable growth spurt in the company’s future. Proximity to the NY demographic, financial institutions, and the vitality of the city kept Jersey City as an attractive option for their relocation.

The building was chosen based on Scynexis’ “ideal” plan, which was developed by taking in consideration the European model, allowing access to light and windows for all associates. This was achieved by creating interior glass front offices, and putting work areas, a lounge, and meeting rooms along the windows to enhance views of downtown NYC from all locations.

Another component of their culture is the desire to advance a collegial atmosphere. There is a large central common area right off the lobby and that space is central to the entire office for gatherings, meetings, working sessions, lunches and dinners. The space is big enough to have multiple activities going on, but also sized so that it can work for events and town halls for the full staff.
Scynexis asked Kimmerle to handle all the furniture, branding and interior design as well as architecture, so the space is completely thought through from top to bottom.

The branding of the space with the colors and value statements of Scynexis were designed by Kimmerle’s Branding team.

Feng Shui principles were also used for balance and harmony in the space. The four conference rooms on the four corners of the space are named Fire, Ice, Water, and Earth, recognizing the balance of the key elements.

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