SUNY Downstate Medical Center

As the largest medical teaching institution in the SUNY system. SUNY Downstate is an urban campus challenged by many issues. As a long-term strategic plan for the redevelopment of the campus, the master plan identifies and addresses several key areas of need over three phases of development, including:

  • Phase One: A 175,000 sf Medical Office building housing 75,000 sf of academic and professional practice space, a 45,000-clinical lab and over 55,000 of administrative office space.
  • Phase Two: Two multi-story parking structures incorporating 2,000 and 2,500 cars respectively with a related 30,000 sf conference center, and medical and supplemental retail uses in a mixed use component of the facility.
  • Phase Three: A 150,000 sf Administrative Office building with a 90-unit residential graduate married student housing component.

In addition, Kimmerle team entered into a development agreement through its affiliate, Kimmerle Downstate, LLC, to act as developer of record for all three phases of development. The campus expansion plan address more than 500,000 sf of usable building of various types and more than 2,500 parking spaces in two multilevel parking facilities, all organized around a new landscaped campus quadrangle, with direct parking and transit access. It will provide this decidedly urban academic institution with both a new and invigorating sense of place, and an oasis for campus activities.


Brooklyn, NY


2010, Entitlements

Kimmerle Group