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Meghan joined Kimmerle Group over six years ago and currently serves as senior director of Workspace. In her role, Meghan leads the division’s business development platform. She also manages the Workspace solicitation, purchasing and project management services. Her involvement includes overseeing every required aspect on the firm’s projects, from inception to close. Meghan has consistently delivered successful outcomes on complex, intricate projects with a close eye for design and quality that stands out in every engagement.

Meghan’s work with Kimmerle can be found both locally in the New York metro area, as well as throughout the country. Her scope of work ranges from large corporate interior furniture installations to retrofits and upgrades as well as providing branding and artwork consultancy.

Now with 20 years of project management and sales experience, Meghan focuses on building close relationships with her clients, through effective communication, scheduling and cost management. Meghan enjoys being a part of the design process and watching a project grow from a concept to a personalized work space.

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